M.Regtien    Clarinet Quintet - "Klarinettenquintett in A"
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Dingus1 Clarinet Quintet

Clarinet Quintet "Klarinettenquintett in A (2018)"

    The "Klarinettenquintett in A" (Clarinet quintet in A) is a 2018 composition in 5 distictive parts.

    It resembles my pre-occupation with decoupling of the main melody from the other melodies / harmonies.
    This can be heard the clearest in part 3 "Ushuaia Ushuaia" which is inspired by a lot of African pop music in where to my ear it seems the singing voice is total independant of the music. Btw, a lot of organ music of JS Bach is perceived by me in the exactly the same way.

    • Part 1 - Adagio
    • : The Adagio is a tonal 'romantic' piece
    • Part 2 - Bebopalula
    • : A total bebop piece (with cello as walking bass); lots of motives of Charlie Parker (especially Blues for Alice) and John Coltrane. Main melody here is quite detached from the 'rhytm section'
    • Part 3 - Ushuaia Ushuaia
    • : inspired by lots of African pop music: even the instructions of this part specify that the clarinet part is totally independant ofthe string parts, even in tempo.
    • Part 4 - Die lustige George
    • : a very rhytmic string section combines simple rock drums (alto and cello) with the south american bambuco rhytm
    • Part 5 - Porco Preto
    • : Part 5 is mainly minimal like, but again strings create a rhytm: a combination of the bambuco rhytm and a guitar motive from Pink flyd (Animals, Pigs)