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"3 tapecompositions"

    In 1987 the composer experimented with musique concrète in the music studio of the University of Amsterdam and wrote the "3 tapecompositions," which consists of 3 scores and manuals for creating musique concrète pieces.

    The compostions thus can be created by anyone!

    Each manual describes the characteristics of the sounds to be used in each compostion (short, high, loud etc) and the score is of course the organisation of the sounds.

    The fun part of each composition is that the composer not tells you with what kind of instruments the soundshave to be produced with, The composer himself taped together the 1st composition with sounds of an accordeon (the result is lost), but he might have used a oboe, a guitar, a chair, a car or a cow (or a complete Animal Farm) as source of the sounds!

    A much bigger fun is that we don´t need taperecorders anymore. The compositions nowadays can be realized with any homecomputer.

    Each manual and composition (in Dutch) can been viewed on a seperate page (if desired a translation can be provided for).

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1st tapecomposition

2nd tapecomposition

3rd tapecomposition