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    "NOIZ! Computer Manipulated Improvisations (CMI) 3 is part of the not yet completed serie "Computer Manipulated Improvisations (CMI)" in where MIDI-recorded keyboard imprvisations are MIDI-manipulated by a computer with the goal to investigate and exploit the extreme possibilities of file-manipulation by the computer.

    The composer distinguishes two important possibilities file-manipulations of the CMI.

    • The first is of course the capability of the computer to perform ´unplayable´ music: music which humans are incapable to play due to physical limitations. The composer is of course aware that limitations alter in due course of time (there has been a time when some of Paganini´s music was regarded unplayable). Some of the parts of the CMI I serie can be performedby musicians.

    • The second possibilty though is much more important and far-reaching: the repetition of a motive, a theme or a complete part by the computer will result in an EXACT repetition, upto the millisecond and with EXACTLY the same timbres, envelopes etcetera. A repetion literally is a clone.

    The CMI I parts are totally monotimbral, thus fully focussing on the results the computer generates.

    The CMI II is a logic sequel of part one as it parts are multitimbral. Most of this music iseven playable by humans (though of course not so exact).

    The CMI III more CMN than CMI as it investigates manipulation of noise only.

    >>>>>> For a more elaboarate explanation of the CMI, see Computer Manipulated Improvisations Texts