Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000 (v 1.0) - User Manual
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The Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000 ( M.Regtien) is an experimental (for personal use: freeware; for commercial use: contact me) sample creator for Windows 10 and up.
  • Download the Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000 Installer here: Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000 Installer.msi

  • Depending on your settings Windows Defender might give a warning while downloading or installing. Please ignore that. It's stupid.

  • Open the installer and follow the instructions. Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000 installs in a few seconds and creates 4 files in the selected file location.

  • After installation, to run the application, double-click the executable: .

  • On First Startup the application will create some subfolders in the Windows Explorer:
    • FilesIN
    • : Location of the files you want to use as source.
    • FilesOUT
    • : Location of the mix created by the Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic.
      Subfolder tempworkspace is the location where all base samples are processed.
    • logs
    • : All actions performed by the application (creating base samples, applying effects etc.) are written to the status label of the application and to a logfile.

  • Some remarks:
    • During processing: make sure the sound files are not opened in any other application. In such a case Wav-o-Wash won't be able to open them and run into error.
    • Memory & base samples: Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic uses the Windows Shell (Explorer) as inbetween storage of the base samples while processing. This means it always has only 1 file in memory for applying effects. Thus the application only allocates memory relative to the size of the file it is processing.
    • Memory & mixing: During mixing, more RAM is needed. In case the mix will contain over 500 base samples, per 500 base samples a temporary file will be written to the tempworkspace. Temporary files will be deleted after processing to save disk space.
    • Pace of processing: although Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic always only has one file in memory, pace of processing is dependant on the amount of RAM of your computer.
      • On my laptop with 16GB RAM I have worked with 10.000 base samples on 1 input samples without problems.
    • Disk space: Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic processes the sound files in .wav format (44100Hz, PCM signed 16bit, stereo) regardless of the format of the input sound files. Wav-files are relatively large files. In case you select to create 100 basesamples per input file and there are 5 input files, it would mean 500 files will be stored on disk. If the input files are large, the total disk size of the base samples also will be considerate. Make sure there is at least 10 GB of free disk space, and if you are ambitious much more!
    • NAudio: for sound processing I used the libraries of NAudio. For my own purposes I expanded on them greatly, especially on the creation of dynamic changing effects and replacing manual user actions by algorithmic randomization.
    • Please do, if you use the Wash-o-Wave for your personal productions, have the courtesy to mention "Wav-o-Wash LaundroMatic X4000", "Maarten Regtien", "www.regtien.info"
    • Commercial usage: contact me.
  • That's it: Happy composing!